Dr Jim Huan-Pu Kuo

Research Associate in Computer Science
Department of Computing, Imperial College London

I am a research associate working with Professor Michael Huth on access control and enhancement of programming languages using formal method based techniques. We aim to improve the mechanisms for numerical aggregation of trust evidence and verifiable risk management, as well as the ability of programmers to express the security intents during coding activity.

My PhD (completed in July 2013) was in areas of design synthesis, model checking, formal methods and parity game solvers. Design synthesis is a way to automatically generate correct programs or controllers from formal specifications. Model checking is a process to automatically verify if a model/design conforms to the given specifications. The solutions to many synthesis and model checking problems are equivalent to the solutions of graphical based 2-player games called parity games. My thesis is titled "Parity Games: Descriptive Complexity and Algorithms for New Solvers". I was supervised by Professor Michael Huth and Dr Nir Piterman.

Before the commencement of my PhD in April 2010, I have been a senior Java/Scala developer for over 12 years, working in various industries, including banking, telecom and publishing. In my spare time, I like to play with my cameras, attempting to capture scenes or events that personally interest me. I keep my faviourite pictures here.