I am a Senior Research Associate at the Department of Computing, Imperial College. Since April 1 2012 I have been  working  with Prof. Peter Harrison in the AESOP group. Prior I worked  at the Institute for Security Science and Technology  with Prof. C. Hankin, at the University of Birmigham with Marta Kwiatkowska.
Over the last few years I have studied product-form solutions for stochastic processes and developed some very novel and deep results it that area. Product-form solutions have the great advantage of expressing stationary distributions in high-dimension stochastic correlated processes as product of the accordingly modified stationary distributions of each stochastic process-component. These results are obtained by describing the state space of the stochastic processes using formal rigorous techniques derived from the field of semantics of programming languages, and are useful in building bug-free software or discovering bugs and security weakness in software.
I also enjoy very much applying stochastic methods to security, finance and biology. I worked on modelling of biological processes through the ambient calculus. Within the area of security, with me supervising a student on project on the security weaknesses on the Oyster Card, which clearly should be a concern for Londoners. I also worked on the problem of modelling logical systems in the pure pi-calculus.
During my Ph.D, under the supervision of Dr. I. Phillips, I worked on Electoral Systems for Ambient Calculi.
                          Maria Grazia Vigliotti
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