Department of Computing

Conference Programme

09:30   Coffee and pastries

10:00   Welcome from the organisers

10:05   Keynote talk:
             "Software is key. Intel MIC: GPU level performance with CPU level programmability"
             Jim Cownie (Intel)

11:00   Porting a Fortran Oceanographic code to GPUs; the GNEMO Project
             Andrew Porter, Stephen Pickles and Mike Ashworth (Daresbury Labs)

11:30   Efficient sparse matrix-vector products on Fermi GPUs
             Istvan Reguly and Mike Giles (Oxford University)

12:00   Anisotropic adaptive mesh coarsening and refinement on GPU architecture
             Matthew Potter (JP Morgan)

12:30   Lunch

13:30   The landscape of GPU programming: a view from ARM
             Anton Lokhmotov (ARM)

14:00   A heterogeneous image reconstruction system for clinical Magnetic Resonance
             Grzegorz Kowalik, Jennifer Steeden, Bejal Pandya,
             David Atkinson, Andrew Taylor and Vivek Muthurangu (UCL)

14:30   BarraCUDA - a Fast Sequence Mapping Software using Graphics Processing Units
             Brian Lam, Petr Klus, Simon Lam, Graham Pullan and Giles Yeo (Cambridge University)

15:00   Application acceleration and optimisation with directives on hybrid supercomputers
             Alistair Hart (Cray)

15:30   Break

16:00   Exploiting OpenCL for heterogeneous computing: a case study
             Simon Mcintosh-Smith, Richard Sessions, James Price,
             Amaurys Ibarra, Tsuyoshi Hamada and Felipe Cruz (Bristol University)

16:30   Automatic Parallelisation: Code Generation for GPUs
             Luke Cartey (Oxford University)

17:00   Using Graphics Processors for Real-Time Global Illumination
             Graham Hazel (Geomerics)

17:30   Close




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