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Applications of Computing in Industry : Lecture

21 November
12pm, LT308 Huxley
company: Deutsche Bank

Title: Accelerating Innovation in the Enterprise . Beyond Server Virtualisation

In the last decade server (OS) virtualisation has firmly embedded itself in the enterprise where it brings a range of well understood efficiencies and new capabilities that have transformed the way IT infrastructure is managed and consumed. New technologies are now extending the reach of virtualisation higher up the technology stack into the middleware and application space and these new technologies promise to be even more transformative for those enterprises that learn to exploit the new capabilities they provide and embed these innovations into their DNA most quickly.

Deutsche Bank has been collaborating with Java start-up Waratek precisely to ensure that we position ourselves to accelerate the genesis and adoption of innovation in the Bank by leveraging middleware and application virtualisation. By exploiting:

•Accelerated provisioning
•Resource elasticity
•Advance life cycle management
•Transparent application migration
•Fine grained resource isolation
•Resource metering
•Application risk assessment

All at the middleware and application level we intend to deliver a new range of customer centric products and services faster and more efficiently than ever before.

In this presentation we not only review the technology engagement between the Bank and the Start-up but also describe how we socialised the innovation through the use of collaborative platforms and wide spectrum of communication channels to accelerate the adoption of innovation in our enterprise.

Key takeaways:

Understand the benefits of Middleware and Application virtualisation over Server (OS) virtualisation.

Identifying use cases for Middleware and Application virtualisation that fully exploit the benefits afforded.

Plan the introduction and new technology into the enterprise in order to accelerate its adoption and maximise return on investment.

Speaker Details: Hussein (Hoos) Badakhchani and Darren Beaumont

Hussein (Hoos) Badakhchani
Vice President
Solution Architect

Hoos is a Distinguished Technologist and Architect within GT AS Enterprise Platform Engineering (EPE). Heading up the Service Design team within Application and Web Platforms (A&WP) Hoos is responsible for the Architecture and Design of Deutsche Bank.s flagship mass market managed service platforms including the Deutsche Bank Application Platform (DAP), Deutsche Bank Web Hosting Platform (dWeb), and the Cross Platform Administration Portal (XAP) among others.

Hoos joined Deutsche Bank in January 2011 bringing with him a wealth of expertise and experience in design, development, deployment and governance of high performance enterprise systems and financial transaction processing. Having pursued a career in IT since graduating from Brunel University (Natural Sciences) Hoos has experience of all aspects of software development as well as the expertise required to engage with the business and drive solutions through all stages of delivery from concept, value proposition, business case, pre-sales and bid to design, build, test and handover to production operations.

A keen technologist Hoos also places huge emphasis on cognitive diversity and ethics to guide informed decision making.

Darren Beaumont
Assistant Vice President at Deutsche Bank
Technical Specialist

Darren is a Functional Specialist within the Enterprise Platform Engineering team within Deutsche Bank.s Technology domain. He currently works within the Service Design space and specializes in user experience design and delivery of new services within his team. Darren has spent the last 12 months defining and implementing standardised systems development lifecycle (SDLC) processes and tooling across his domain. Within this work he had three priorities - focusing on Compliancy, Transparency and Quality of the SDLC processes.

Darren joined the bank as a graduate in 2008, having achieved a 1st class honours in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of York.

Darren is a strong advocate of both the Bank's collaboration initiatives and diversity agenda and believes in fostering a diverse workplace where people can bring their whole selves to work in order to achieve their full potential. Outside the office Darren can regularly be found exploring London and honing his photography skills.

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