Department of  Computing

Applications of Computing in Industry : Lecture

21 January
12pm, LT308 Huxley
company: Amadeus

Title: Inside the World largest internet booking engine (IBE) for airlines: moving towards the digital way.

Laurent Joffart, from the Amadeus R&D Centre of SophiaAntipolis, France, will provide an insight into the biggest airline internet booking engine of the world, Amadeus eRetail for airlines. After exploring the architecture of this eCommerce platform that powers 300+ websites for 100+ airlines worldwide and millions of visitors per month, we will have a deep dive into the Web technologies that fuels it and helps providing a unique 'digital' application able to run on multiple devices from 3" smartphones to large wide screen desktop PCs. We will also discuss about the customization features, which allow tailoring the platform to the specific needs of each customer.

Speaker Details: Laurent Joffart

After a couple of years spent in a desktop software startup companies, Laurent joined Amadeus in the year 2000 as software engineer for IT distributed systems. He held various positions in the R&D division, for various customers of the travel industry like travel agents, airlines, railway companies or large hotel chains. Today Senior Manager for eCommerce UI platform development, his job is to build with his team the digital platform serving all the B2C channels for Amadeus clients.

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