Department of  Computing

Applications of Computing in Industry : Lecture

30 January
12pm, LT308 Huxley
company: Gamesys

Title: Agile Development - make game development awesome

During the last decade the number of ways for business to interact with their customers have gone from a single channel (e.g. The Personal Computer) to a plethora of phones, tablets and various desktops. As these grow in number and diversity testing your application/game becomes a lot harder and time consuming. How do you maintain quality on such a wide variety of platforms without hiring an army of testing minions? Even though an army of minions would be cool. Find out how by attending the Gamesys Imperial Presentation!

Speaker Details: Lim Sim, James Murray, Sergio Barros, Melanie Munden and Frank Amankwah

Lim Sim . Automation QA Engineer

Starting my career as a tester I've since been a developer and consultant. I've now found my way back to Quality Assurance. At Gamesys I have been working on some of the most interesting projects in my career involving testing multi-platform games at scale and trying to answer the question "How do you make sure that over a hundred games are working correctly?"

James Murray . Head of HR for Gamesys Ltd

After studying HR and Organisational Change at Lancaster University I was lucky enough to work for the BBC in Manchester in the HR team. Learning how a large media company approaches topics like staff development, creativity and cultural change put me in a great position for working at Gamesys. I joined Gamesys in the summer of 2007 to help build both the HR function and the Gamesys team as a whole. In this time Gamesys has grown staggeringly from 100 staff back in 2007 to over 900 in January 2014 with new offices being opened in New Jersey and Las Vegas in the next two months. I.m extremely proud to be part of the Gamesys team as award after award has helped showcase the extreme pedigree of Gamesys and our ever growing online gaming presence recently working closely now with brands like Facebook and Virgin. In the words of our founder and inspirational leader .onwards and upwards!

Sergio Barros . QA Automation Tech Lead

Having studied Business Information & Technology I was recruited into a graduate Testing scheme at CapGemini (The Netherlands). I thoroughly enjoyed the various projects CapGemini placed me on but found the gaming companies to be the most exciting and challenging (with regards to both work place atmosphere and colleagues). In 2006 I moved to London to work for SportingBet where I was introduced to test automation. This opened up a whole new world of opportunities for me and I haven't looked back since. Out of all the companies I have the pleasure of working with Gamesys has been the most exciting and challenging, simply due to sheer amount of technologies we use to develop our games and apps (e.g. Flash, HTML5, iOS, Android, Web Services). During my two years here we have developed a company wide testing framework (using Java), written various drivers, setup training programs and contributed to development of open source tools (e.g. Appium . Mobile Testing Tool). With such a wide variety of technologies I can't wait to get my hands on the next test automation challenge.

Melanie Munden . Team Lead (Bingo)

Having studied Computer Science in Leicester, I spent several years working as a backend Java web developer for a pharmaceutical supply company. Wanting a change, I moved to London and got into the gaming industry. I worked for Playfish (EA) making a Facebook game called The Sims Social, which was an amazing opportunity working on a franchise I love. I then moved onto Gamesys, and am enjoying working on games created with interesting and current technology. I currently lead the Bingo Platform team, providing backend Java services for Bingo games. I am very lucky to find myself surrounded by excellent developers at Gamesys, which has helped me to grow and improve my skills as a developer and manager.

Frank Amankwah . Development Manager (Games Platform)

After 10+ years working in as a developer in investment banks, it was a welcome change of scenery for me when I join Gamesys in 2011. The company has grown from 350 to almost 1000 employees in the 2 years since I joined and it has been a great opportunity to contribute to and be part of this growth. I usually describe working at Gamesys as "intense" and this refers to both the work and social aspects. My current role enables me to recruit and work with some of the brightest minds in Games Development which I find both enjoyable and challenging.


The Gamesys Group was founded in 2001 by Noel Hayden and a small team of developers with the aim of building one of the world's most successful online entertainment businesses. 13 years on, we are now over 900 people strong and still growing with our headquarters based in Central London. Gamesys operates and develops software for several of the UK, US and Europe's leading online gaming sites and mobile/table apps, with new products and games being released regularly. Through our social and real money slots, casino, poker and bingo products, 2012 wagering reached over £4.2 billion with our largest site alone paying out in excess of £210 million in monthly prize money.

In 2012 we were chosen by Facebook to become the first company worldwide to launch real cash gaming applications on their platform. In addition, our Social and Freemium games such as Bingo Lane and our MMO/RPG Here Be Monsters are going from strength to strength both online and in the app stores. Through our continued year on year growth, strategic partnerships with Tropicana Casinos, Caesars, News Corp and the 2013 acquisition of Virgin Games, The opening of our New Jersey office and the launch of our Tropicana and Virgin Casino sites in November 2013; and the release of Virgin Poker in January 2014 are just some of our latest ventures.

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