Department of  Computing

Applications of Computing in Industry : Lecture

06 February
12pm, LT308 Huxley
company: Thomson Reuters

Title: Making Sense of Big Data in Pharma

Big Data is quickly becoming an overused, and poorly understood, term in technology. This talk will focus on Big Data for the life sciences: are -omics data the only 'big data'? What's a practical working definition for Big Data in the Life Sciences and does it differ from other areas where data is analyzed at scale? What role does visualization have in Big Data? How do we resolve gaps in life sciences data? How can we spot trends utilizing aggregated information from disparate data sources, and can we effectively ask questions and monitor the ever growing amount of structured and unstructured content that we have access to?

Speaker Details: Andreas Matern

Andreas Matern is the Vice President, Disruptive Innovation for Thomson Reuters Life Sciences. He and his team devote their efforts to the intersection of content and technology - finding new ways to explore how end users can, without assistance from experts, explore information and find the answers to the questions they are most interested in. Andreas' background is in molecular genetics, but he has spent the entirety of his professional career involved in bioinformatics, where he has worked for over a decade. He has worked at LION Bioscience, Teranode and InforSense before coming to work at Thomson Reuters.

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