Department of  Computing

Applications of Computing in Industry : Lecture

27 February
12pm, LT308 Huxley
company: PassivSystems

Title: Designing a scalable system for monitoring UK's distributed solar photovoltaic systems.

With the introduction of the Feed-in-tariffs there has been an explosion in solar photovoltaic systems deployed in the UK on domestic roofs. There are now over 400,000 installations. Many of these are institutionally funded by organisations that have a strong interest in whether they are performing to specification. PassivSystems monitors tens of thousand systems, providing complex performance monitoring algorithms. I will talk about how we used a combination of best practice system design with data processing to produce a scaleable system for monitoring and real-time reporting.

Speaker Details: Fraser Harding

Fraser is a founder of PassivSystems and serves as its Development Director. He has over 20 years experience in technology consulting and product development. He loves the dynamism of start-up businesses and is excited by bringing disruptive technology to market. He has spent the last 15 years working with or within early stage technology companies, building the teams that deliver world beating products. Prior to PassivSystems Fraser ran his own consulting business, was CTO in Residence at Ariadne Capital and was Director of Engineering at Secerno, a database security product company acquired by Oracle in 2009. Fraser was a founding member of Paragon Software, one of UK's most successful technology startups on the 90s. Fraser holds a 1st Class honours degree in Computer Science from London University.

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