Department of  Computing

Applications of Computing in Industry : Lecture

06 March
12pm, LT308 Huxley
company: Infosys

Title: Digital transformation and its implication on daily life

The use of technology has penetrated into all quarters of human existence. This has led to a huge transformation in areas such as consumer behavior, business models and communication. The use of digital advances such as e-commerce, social media and analytics have radically empowered the buyers, improved performance & reach. In other words, it has made the world a more agile and flat place to live in.

Through this interactive session, Srikanth will share his insights on digital transformation and its impact through strategic case studies related to connected cars, in-store use of analytics in retail stores, cashless transactions.

Speaker Details: Srikanth Iyengar

Head of Infosys UK & Global Head of Business Development & Strategic Global Sourcing.

Srikanth leads a global sales team that drives the pipeline development and successful closure of all 50M+ USD TCV deals across Infosys. He is also the Head of the Infosys UK Centre and a member of the Regional Leadership Council, Europe.

Srikanth joined Infosys in 2002 and has worked in various client relationship and general management roles spanning both North America and Europe. He was one of the first members of the Strategic Global Sales group and has significantly contributed to the evolution of this group as a key growth driver for Infosys.

Srikanth also has additional responsibility for Infosys.s external interactions in the UK across a wide spectrum of stakeholders, including analysts, industry associations and governmental bodies.

Prior to Infosys, Srikanth worked with a leading CPG major. He is a qualified electrical engineer and holds a management degree.

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