Department of  Computing

Applications of Computing in Industry : Lecture

11 March
12pm, LT308 Huxley
company: Mind Candy

Title: Building a hit mobile game for a massive audience - from the phone to the server.

Mind Candy has been building a new mobile game which is expected to have a huge audience. We will discuss how built the mobile client using Unity and how designed the server to scale up to millions of players.

Speaker Details: Edwin Lyons and Andrew Smitherim

Edwin is a Tech Lead at Mind Candy having joined the company as a Frontend Developer in 2011. Previously, he was a developer at Black Rock Studio, part of Disney working on racing games for consoles. In the long distant past, he worked on the popular Multi Theft Auto mod for Grand Theft Auto.

Andrew is a server side developer at Mind Candy. His background ranges from specialised VoiceXML dev for banks, telecommunications and other financial institutions in a handful of countries, to digital workflow processing and publication in the political sectors.

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