Department of  Computing

Applications of Computing in Industry : Lecture

17 October
12pm, LT308 Huxley
company: Barclays

Title: NoSQL in the Financial Industry

This presentation will cover the emerging class of NoSQL databases. NoSQL databases typically provide a less constrained consistency model for storing and retrieving data than a traditional relational model. They aim to bring significant performance and scaling benefits to a growing class of big data and real-time problems. This session will include a brief history of NoSQL, covering the Google Bigtable whitepaper and the evolution of NoSQL by large web-based technology companies. The document orientated NoSQL database, MongoDB, will be introduced and a short demo of the technology will highlight the benefits to the financial industry derived from the flexibility of storing data in a denormalised way. Finally, the presentation will explore Barclays innovative grass roots approach towards NoSQL and other emerging technologies within the financial industry.

Speaker Details: Mark Curran and Richard Tovey

Mark Curran is a Software Engineer within Prime Services, Risk and Margin. Chair of the Barclays NoSQL Community of Practice, he has worked in the Insurance and Banking industries since 2000. He moved to London and joined Barclays in 2006.

Richard Tovey is an Indices Developer within Index, Portfolio and Risk Solutions Technology and Secretary of the Innov8 NoSQL Community of Practice. He graduated in Physics from the University of Oxford and joined Barclays in 2011 as a Graduate on the Technology Graduate Programme.

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