OK! so you want to make a signed java applet. You've packaged all of your classes and images up into a Jar file, but you dont have the $700 to pay for offical signing? There's a simple solution, private signing! As long as you don't mind not being officially certifed, and just want something up and running, this is for you!



You'll need to make yourself a private key in a keystore (preferably in your home directory). Use the "keytool" program for this:

keytool -genkey -keystore myKeyStore -alias me

You'll have to fill in a load of bunf here. The most important is the password: don't forget it, you'll need it each time you sign your applet.




The next step is to sort out the self certification with:

keytool -selfcert -keystore myKeyStore -alias me

Want to learn more about this step?




You are done! now all you have to do to sign something is use the jarsigner program:

jarsigner -keystore myKeyStore jarfile.jar me

You'll need to put the path to your "myKeyStore" in if you are signing an applet in a directory other than that which you did step 1 in. Obviously, replace "jarfile.jar" with the name of your Jar file, but you knew that...



This page was written by Simon Tokumine. 2003.