Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop (formerly Terminal Server) is a component of Microsoft Windows Server operating systems that allows a user to access applications on a remote server over a network connection.

It provides the ability to host multiple simultaneous client sessions on Microsoft Windows Server.

You can connect to it via

Please note that Remote Desktop is mainly to use for common Windows applications such as email clients, Microsoft office etc. we do not recommend using the service to run applications which have high CPU and memory usage.

How to Use Remote Desktop

To run a Remote Desktop session you require a Remote Desktop client.

Linux users can connect to using the latest version of remmina ( ) a version of which is available on DoC Linux machines. Mac OS X users can connect to using CoRD.

Windows 7 and 10 users can find the equivalent application under Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection.

Run your remote desktop client then enter '' as the name of the computer to which to connect.

Please contact the help-desk if you encounter any problems with this service.

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