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This page covers the personal web page service operated by CSG for DoC staff and students. The commands listed here should be run on a DoC Linux workstation or remote access server.

Note: All pages hosted on DoC or other College resources must be non-political, legal, and must not bring the Department or the College into disrepute. Your personal web page must contain a link back to the Department's home page. In short, any content you publish via our resources must abide by the Departmental and College regulations.

Enabling your personal web pages

DoC runs the Apache web server, version 2.2.22.

Feel free to create subdirectories inside public_html for each web-based project you want, set their permissions exactly the same way.

Group project web pages

When you do a group project organised by your Lab Organiser, a group is created with the right members, and a group project area is created, stored inside /vol/project. For example, 2014-15 first year Topics groups are stored in /vol/project/2014/163/g14163xx (where xx is the group no and 163 is the Topics course code).

By default, your entire group project directory (eg. /vol/project/2014/163/g14163xx) is accessible via the web as URL:

We strongly recommend that you prevent accidental exposure of private information via the web by adding a very restrictive .htaccess file to the top level directory to disallow web browsing of your entire group project directory. For instance, a member of g14163xx might do the following:

 cd /vol/project/2014/363/g14163xx
 echo "deny from all" > .htaccess

Then you could explicitly open up a subdirectory to the web via a similar .htaccess ("allow from all") in that directory.. For instance:

mkdir web
echo "allow from all" > web/.htaccess

which allows access to

Permissions are also important in group directories, essentially all members of the group must be able to write files and create new directories in there, and the web server must be able to read all the files. We recommend the following:

.We recommend the following simple rules for keeping permissions in your group project directory sensible:

Editing your personal web pages under Windows

CSG do not advise editing web pages on Windows due to incompatibilities between line-endings on Windows and Unix. More precisely, you must not edit CGI scripts on Windows, as the line-ending incompatibility will stop the script from running completely.

If you must edit plain HTML web pages on Windows, proceed as follows:

For more info

We have two more detailed guides about CGI scripts:

and a guide on:

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