Imperial College Energy and Performance Colloquium

Imperial College London, 29 May – 1 June 2012

Queen's Tower, Imperial College London

EFL/ICEP Keynote Talk

We are delighted to announce that Francine Bennett, CEO and co-founder at Mastodon C will be giving the EFL/ICEP Keynote Talk on 30 May 2012 at 6pm as a joint seminar between the ICEP colloquium and the Imperial College Energy Future's Lab. Mastodon C specialise in providing dynamic carbon emission data for public cloud facilities which enables people to achieve environmental targets while maintaining cost and performance.


The ICEP proceedings of extended abstracts is available as a Department of Computing Technical Report.

Key Information

The Imperial College Energy and Performance Colloquium is a research gathering of some of the leading international researchers in the field of energy and performance modelling.

The topics of the colloquium will range from energy measurement in large virtualised computing environments and data centres to optimisation on mobile platforms; energy profiles in hardware devices to algorithmic impact on environmental metrics. There will be practical talks as well as guides to more formal modelling practice.

One of the aims of the event is to provide a platform for PhD students and early-career researchers to get an introduction to and accelerate their understanding of this relatively new field. To this end, there will be a set of keynote tutorials presented by leading researchers in the field. Researchers/industrial participants are also encouraged to submit an extended abstract describing their interest and research and will be given an opportunity to present that in an informal environment.

With sponsorship from Imperial College/EPSRC, travel funds will be made available for PhD students/early-career researchers.

Invited Speakers

Details of the invited speakers' talks can be found in the ICEP programme.


Supported by

Imperial College EPSRC


ICEP is being organised by Jeremy Bradley and Richard Hayden with help from The Energy Futures Lab.

Please contact the ICEP organisers if you have any queries about the colloquium.