MSc Individual Projects 2017/2018

Project Guidelines

Full information on conducting your project is provided on the Project Guidelines page. It is essential for you to read this material. You can also view the slides for

Project Selection

Search the Proposal Selection page of the project portal to identify interesting projects and proceed as stated in the project guidelines.

Project Timeline/Deadlines

Background and Progress Report

The background report should describe the background research you have completed in preparation for the work of the project, due on the date given above. You should summarise the essential material related to the subject of the project. There is no minimum or maximum page length, but typical reports are between 10 and 20 pages long. The material in this can be incorporated into the final report.

You should also include a separate section on progress that describes: the activities and accomplishments of the project to date; any problems or obstacles that might have cropped up and how they are being dealt with; and plans for the next phases of the project.

Final Report Submission and Assessment

Please read the instructions in the project guidelines.

Queries? Please send them to the MSc Projects Coordinator(s).