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Installing LTSA Eclipse




The following plug-in requirements are necessary to install LTSA Eclipse:

An installation of Eclipse IDE v3.x (where x>3)


Assisted Installation (Eclipse 3.4 Installer)

Follow the steps below to install via the Eclipse Features installer.

Launch Eclipse


Select Help->Software Updates
Select the Available Software tab page.
Select Add Site and enter name the URL as:

Check the site url name in the list of available software.
Click Install
Review install options and click Next and Accept the terms in the license agreement.
Review the terms in the license agreements and click Finish.
The Update Manager will then download the feature.
Restart Eclipse to enable the LTSA Eclipse feature.


Manual Installation

Follow the steps below if you have any issues using the Assisted Installation

Explore the Internet to:

Download the latest plug-ins
Copy each plug-in to \eclipse\plugins (\eclipse is where you installed Eclipse).
Restart the Eclipse Workbench


Check the installation

After installing, browse to the eclipse\plugins directory and verify that the directory now contains the uk.ic.doc.ltsa.eclipse.x sub-directory. (where x is the name of the plug-in downloaded).
In the eclipse\features directory check that this now contains a directory named uk.ic.doc.ltsa.eclipse.x (where x name of the feature plug-in downloaded)

In Eclipse, you can also check the installed plug-ins from the Help -> Software Updates and viewing the Installed Software tab page.