PhD Matters:
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Who's Who
Director of Postgraduate Studies

Dr Alessandra Russo
email: a.russo
Room 560
PhD Tutor

Prof Sophia Drossopoulou
email: s.drossopoulou
Room 559
PhD Academic Progress Mentor

Dr. Bernhard Kainz
email: bkainz
Room 372
PhD Admissions Tutor

Prof. Morris Sloman
email: m.sloman
Room 572
PhD Programme Administrator

Dr Amani El-Kholy
email: a.o.el-kholy
Room 436
Year Mentors
1st Year Mentor
Dr Antonio Filieri
email: afilieri
Room 359
2nd Year Mentor
Dr Su-Lin Lee
email: su-lin.lee
Room 414A, Bessemer Building
3rd Year Mentor
Dr Abhijeet Ghosh
email: ghosh
Room 376
4th Year Mentor
Dr Mahdi Cheraghchi Bashi Astaneh
email: mahdich
Room 450
Student Reps (2015-16)
1st Year Reps
Marta Garnelo Abellanas

Zhen Wei (1st year deputy rep)
2nd Year Reps
Matthew Lee
email: matthew.lee13

Cosmin Badea (2nd year deputy rep)
email: cosmin.badea10
3nd Year Reps
James Booth
email: james.booth08

Nicolai Stawinoga (3rd year deputy rep)
email: n.stawinoga13