Professor Abbas Edalat

Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics
Department of Computing
Imperial College London
180 Queen's Gate
London SW7 2RH
tel: + 44 (0)20 7594 8245

Adjunct Professor

Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences
Niavaran Square
Tehran, Iran


I am head of the two Research Groups:

Algorithmic Human Development


Continuous Data-Types and Exact Computation



Upcoming Conference

IJCNN 2015 Special Session "Models of Cognitive-Emotional Interactions" Jul 11, 2015 - Jul 16, 2015, Killarney, Ireland


Invited talks and professional activities



Mathematical modelling in Cognitive and Behavioural Prototypes, Attachment Theory and Psychotherapy
Exact Computation: real number computation, computational geometry, geometric modelling, solution of differential equations
Computational Differential Calculus
Computational Measure and Integration Theory
Topology and Constructive Mathematics
Bisimulation in Probabilistic Processes on Continuous Spaces
  Research Papers
  IC-Reals: C library for Exact Real Computation


Topics lecture: Neural Networks and their Applications

Inaugural Lecture


  New course: Dynamical systems and Deep Learning
  Complex Systems
  Computational Teqniques
  Domain Theory and Continuous Data Types
  Quantum Computing
  MSc Projects


Science and Arts Foundation

The Science and Arts Foundation (SAF) is an educational charity to provide Computer/Internet sites in schools and other educational institutions in the developing world.
Public Lecture: ICT and Educational Changes [Power Point, Persian]
Public Lecture: Empowering the Youth in Iran [Power Point, English] [Power Point, Persian and Font1 and Font2] [PDF, Persian]
Presentation at UNESCO's Executive Board: Empowering the Youth in the Developing World


Last Updated, 11 June 2015