Modigliani  2.0
A stochastic simulator for axons, neurons, and networks
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNmodigliani_baseBase types, constants and classes for Modigliani
|oCDMatrixA straight-forward double matrix class
|oCHistogramHistogram class
|oCMultidim_arrayMultidimensional array
|oCObjMaster class for all objects
|oCSequential_statisticsSequential_statistics class
|\CTimingStopwatch like measurement object
\Nmodigliani_coreCore classes for Modigliani
 oCCustom_cylindrical_compartmentThis class is used to take concentrations into account
 oCCylindrical_compartmentCylindrical membrane compartment
 oCFile_based_stochastic_voltage_gated_channelVoltage gated ion channel with transition probabilities stored in a file
 oCIon_channelsBase class for all ion channels
 oCLeak_currentSimulates a leak current
 oCLua_based_deterministic_voltage_gated_channelThis class reads a lua script and interpret it to simualte a population of ion channels deterministically
 oCLua_based_stochastic_voltage_gated_channelStochastic ion channel with transition probabilities read from a lua script
 oCMembraneMembrane class
 oCMembrane_compartmentMembrane_compartment class acts as a "container + glue" for the various Membrane_current classes that can be attached to it
 oCMembrane_compartment_sequenceSequence of cylindrical membrane compartments, basically an axon/dendrite
 oCMembrane_currentMembrane_current class
 oCMembrane_patchMembrane_patch class
 oCNetwork_synapseThis class acts as a simplified synapse for use in neuronal network simulations
 oCObjectBase class for all objects in modigliani_core
 oCSpherical_compartmentThis class simulates a spherical Hodgkin-Huxley neuron
 oCSynaptic_backgroundThis class represents a synaptic background current
 oCTransition_rate_matrixHolds voltage dependent transition rates for a Markov chain
 \CVoltage_gated_ion_channel_currentBase class for voltage gated ion channels