Modigliani  2.0
A stochastic simulator for axons, neurons, and networks
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modigliani_core::Cylindrical_compartment Class Reference

Cylindrical membrane compartment. More...

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Public Member Functions

 Cylindrical_compartment (const modigliani_base::Real newLength, const modigliani_base::Real newDiameter, const modigliani_base::Real newCm, const modigliani_base::Real newRa, const modigliani_base::Real newTemperature)
 Constructs a cylindrical compartment from dimensions and electrophysiological data. More...
virtual modigliani_base::Real ActiveLengthConstant () const
 length constant in muMeter for instantenous membrane conductance More...
modigliani_base::Real CrosssectionalArea () const
 Returns the cross-sectional area of the cylinder. More...
modigliani_base::Real diameter () const
modigliani_base::Real radius () const
modigliani_base::Real length () const
modigliani_base::Real volume () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from modigliani_core::Membrane_compartment
 Membrane_compartment (const modigliani_base::Real newArea, const modigliani_base::Real newTemperature, const modigliani_base::Real newCm, const modigliani_base::Real newRa)
 Constructor. More...
virtual modigliani_base::ReturnEnum AttachCurrent (Membrane_current *currentPtr, CurrentType type=IONIC)
 Adds a new current to the compartment. More...
virtual modigliani_base::ReturnEnum Step (const modigliani_base::Real newVM)
 Sets the membrane potential to the specified value and runs of step of simulation. More...
virtual modigliani_base::ReturnEnum Step ()
 Sets the membrane potential according to membrane current and runs of step of simulation. More...
modigliani_base::ReturnEnum InjectCurrent (modigliani_base::Real current)
 Injects current into the compartment. More...
modigliani_base::Real AttachedConductance (modigliani_base::Size currentIndex)
 Returns the current conductance of the attached conductance source. More...
modigliani_base::Real AttachedReversalPotential (modigliani_base::Size currentIndex)
 Returns the reversal potential of the attached conductance source. More...
virtual modigliani_base::ReturnEnum SetupOutput (std::string output_file_name)
 Opens an output file and writes the header. More...
virtual modigliani_base::ReturnEnum WriteOutput () const
 Writes the current flwoing through all attached Membrane_current instances to a binary file. More...
modigliani_base::Real TimeConstant () const
 Membrane time constant at instaneous membrane conductivity. More...
const Membrane_currentCurrent (modigliani_base::Size currentIndex) const
 Returns the current object at the given index. More...
modigliani_base::Real area () const
 Returns the membrane surface area. More...
modigliani_base::Real vm () const
 Returns the membrane potential. More...
void set_vm (modigliani_base::Real newVoltage)
 Sets the membrane potential. More...
modigliani_base::Real cm () const
 Sets the membrane capacitance per surface area. More...
modigliani_base::Real ra () const
 Sets the axial resistance. More...
virtual modigliani_base::ReturnEnum set_temperature (modigliani_base::Real newTemp)
 Set temperature in compartment and for all currents within the compartments. More...
modigliani_base::Real temperature () const
 Returns temperature in compartment. More...
modigliani_base::Real CompartmentMembraneCapacitance () const
 Returns total compartment capacitance. More...
modigliani_base::Real CompartmentMembraneNetCurrent () const
 Returns net membrane current. More...
modigliani_base::Real CompartmentChannelStateTimeConstant () const
 Sum of escape rates from current state. More...
bool GillespieStep ()
 Perform one step of the Gillespie algorithm. More...
modigliani_base::Size NumberCurrents () const
 Returns the number of currents attached to the compartment. More...
modigliani_base::Real WeightedConductance () const
 Returns the sum of attached conductance weighted by the difference between the membrane potential and the reversal potential. More...
const std::vector
< Membrane_current * > 
current_vec () const
 Returns the vector of attached currents. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from modigliani_core::Object
modigliani_base::Real timestep () const
 Returns simulation timestep. More...
void set_timestep (modigliani_base::Real newTimeStep)
 Sets simulation timestep. More...

Detailed Description

Cylindrical membrane compartment.

Very useful to simulate axons

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

modigliani_core::Cylindrical_compartment::Cylindrical_compartment ( const modigliani_base::Real  newLength,
const modigliani_base::Real  newDiameter,
const modigliani_base::Real  newCm,
const modigliani_base::Real  newRa,
const modigliani_base::Real  newTemperature 

Constructs a cylindrical compartment from dimensions and electrophysiological data.

newLengthlength in [ $\si{\micro\meter}$]
newDiameterdiameter in [ $\si{\micro\meter}$]
newCmMembrane capacitance in [ $\si{\micro\farad\per\centi\meter\squared}$]
newRaAxoplasmic resistance in [ $\si{\ohm\centi\meter}$]
newTemperatureTemperature in [C]

Member Function Documentation

virtual modigliani_base::Real modigliani_core::Cylindrical_compartment::ActiveLengthConstant ( ) const

length constant in muMeter for instantenous membrane conductance

Length constant in [ $\si{\micro\meter}$]
modigliani_base::Real modigliani_core::Cylindrical_compartment::CrosssectionalArea ( ) const

Returns the cross-sectional area of the cylinder.

Cross-sectional area in [ $\si{\micro\meter\squared}$]
modigliani_base::Real modigliani_core::Cylindrical_compartment::diameter ( ) const
Diameter in [ $\si{\micro\meter}$]
modigliani_base::Real modigliani_core::Cylindrical_compartment::length ( ) const
length in [ $\si{\micro\meter}$]
modigliani_base::Real modigliani_core::Cylindrical_compartment::radius ( ) const
Radius of the cylinder in [ $\si{\micro\meter}$]
modigliani_base::Real modigliani_core::Cylindrical_compartment::volume ( ) const
volume in [ $\si{\micro\meter\cubed}$]

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