Modigliani  2.0
A stochastic simulator for axons, neurons, and networks
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modigliani_core::Object Class Reference

Base class for all objects in modigliani_core. More...

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Public Member Functions

modigliani_base::Real timestep () const
 Returns simulation timestep. More...
void set_timestep (modigliani_base::Real newTimeStep)
 Sets simulation timestep. More...

Detailed Description

Base class for all objects in modigliani_core.

Member Function Documentation

void modigliani_core::Object::set_timestep ( modigliani_base::Real  newTimeStep)

Sets simulation timestep.

newTimeStepTimestep in [ $\si{\milli\second}$]
modigliani_base::Real modigliani_core::Object::timestep ( ) const

Returns simulation timestep.

Timestep in [ $\si{\milli\second}$]

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