Modigliani  2.0
A stochastic simulator for axons, neurons, and networks
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modigliani_core::Voltage_gated_ion_channel_current Class Referenceabstract

Base class for voltage gated ion channels. More...

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Public Member Functions

 Voltage_gated_ion_channel_current (modigliani_base::Real reversalPotential, modigliani_base::Real density, modigliani_base::Real area, modigliani_base::Real conductivity)
 Constructor. More...
modigliani_base::Real density () const
 Returns channel density. More...
modigliani_base::Real area () const
 Returns membrane surface area. More...
modigliani_base::Real conductivity () const
 Returns conductivity per channel. More...
modigliani_base::Real MaxConductivity () const
 Conductivity if all channels open. More...
void UpdateNumChannels ()
 Sets the number of channels to agree with the membrane area and the density of channels.
modigliani_base::Real num_channels () const
 Returns number of ionic channels. More...
modigliani_base::Real OpenChannelsRatio () const
 Returns ratio of open channels over total number of channels. More...
virtual modigliani_base::Real OpenChannels () const =0
 Returns number of open ionic channels. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from modigliani_core::Membrane_current
 Membrane_current (modigliani_base::Real reversalPotential)
 Constructs a current. More...
modigliani_base::Real conductance () const
 Returns momentary conductance. More...
void set_reversal_potential (modigliani_base::Real eRev)
 Sets the reversal potential. More...
modigliani_base::Real reversal_potential () const
 Returns the reversal potential. More...
modigliani_base::Real temperature () const
 Returns the temperature. More...
modigliani_base::ReturnEnum set_temperature (modigliani_base::Real newTemp)
 Sets the temperature. More...
modigliani_base::Real q10 () const
 Returns the Q10 factor. More...
virtual modigliani_base::ReturnEnum set_q10 (modigliani_base::Real newQ10)
 Sets the Q10 factor. More...
enum StochasticType simulation_mode () const
 Returns the simulation mode. More...
virtual void set_simulation_mode (enum StochasticType newMode)
 Sets simulation mode. More...
void set_voltage (modigliani_base::Real newVoltage)
 Sets the membrane potential. More...
modigliani_base::ReturnEnum Step (modigliani_base::Real newVm)
 Runs one step of the simulation, updates the conductance and the current flowing through. More...
modigliani_base::Real ComputeCurrent (modigliani_base::Real vM)
 Computes, sets and returns the current going through. More...
virtual modigliani_base::ReturnEnum StepCurrent ()=0
 Runs one step of the simulation. More...
virtual modigliani_base::Real ComputeConductance ()=0
 Computes and returns conductance. More...
virtual modigliani_base::Real ComputeTimeConstant ()
 Computes and returns the rate constants. More...
modigliani_base::Real current () const
 Returns the current. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from modigliani_core::Object
modigliani_base::Real timestep () const
 Returns simulation timestep. More...
void set_timestep (modigliani_base::Real newTimeStep)
 Sets simulation timestep. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from modigliani_core::Membrane_current
modigliani_base::Real set_current (modigliani_base::Real newVal)
 Sets the current. More...
modigliani_base::Real set_conductance (modigliani_base::Real newVal)
 Sets the conductance. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from modigliani_core::Membrane_current
modigliani_base::Real voltage_
 Membrane potential in [ $\si{\milli\volt}$].
modigliani_base::Real temperature_
 Temperature in [ $\si{\celsius}$].

Detailed Description

Base class for voltage gated ion channels.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

modigliani_core::Voltage_gated_ion_channel_current::Voltage_gated_ion_channel_current ( modigliani_base::Real  reversalPotential,
modigliani_base::Real  density,
modigliani_base::Real  area,
modigliani_base::Real  conductivity 


reversalPotentialReversal potential in [ $\si{\milli\volt}$]
densityChannel density in [ $\si{\per\micro\meter\squared}$]
areaMembrane area in [ $\si{\micro\meter\squared}$]
conductivitySingle channel conductivity in [ $\si{\milli\siemens}$]

Member Function Documentation

modigliani_base::Real modigliani_core::Voltage_gated_ion_channel_current::area ( ) const

Returns membrane surface area.

Area in [ $\si{\micro\meter\squared}$]
modigliani_base::Real modigliani_core::Voltage_gated_ion_channel_current::conductivity ( ) const

Returns conductivity per channel.

conductivity per channel [ $\si{\milli\siemens}$]
modigliani_base::Real modigliani_core::Voltage_gated_ion_channel_current::density ( ) const

Returns channel density.

Channel density in [ $\si{\per\micro\meter\squared}$]
modigliani_base::Real modigliani_core::Voltage_gated_ion_channel_current::MaxConductivity ( ) const

Conductivity if all channels open.

Conductivity in [ $\si{\milli\siemens\per\centi\meter\squared}$]

Implements modigliani_core::Membrane_current.

modigliani_base::Real modigliani_core::Voltage_gated_ion_channel_current::num_channels ( ) const

Returns number of ionic channels.

Total number of channels
virtual modigliani_base::Real modigliani_core::Voltage_gated_ion_channel_current::OpenChannels ( ) const
pure virtual
modigliani_base::Real modigliani_core::Voltage_gated_ion_channel_current::OpenChannelsRatio ( ) const

Returns ratio of open channels over total number of channels.

Ratio of open channels

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