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Scott V. Taylor
PhD student
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Ali Neishabouri
Post Doctoral Research Associate
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Anastasia Sylaidi
PhD Student
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Tomaso Muzzu
PhD student
(jointly with Simon Schultz)
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William Abbott
PhD Student
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Feryal Mehrabani Pour Behbahani
PhD Student
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Andreas Thomik
PhD Student
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Veronica Corrales
PhD student
(jointly with Carlos Ribeiro)
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Pedro Lourenço
Research Engineer
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Marta Garnelo
Grad Student (MRes Bioengineering)
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Rajeshwari Iyer
PhD student
(jointly with Mark Ungless)
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Alan Zucconi
PhD student
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Constantinos Gavriel
PhD student
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Ariadne Whitby
PhD student
(jointly with Simona Parrinello)
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Chinh-suan Lin, MD
PhD student
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Alessandro Ticchi
PhD Student (Imperial-Bologna)
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Dr Margarita Kotti
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
(with Alison McGregor)
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You ? (See below)

Interested in a PhD - contact Aldo.
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Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship position available.

We seek a Post-Doctoral Research Associate for a 3 year Human Frontiers in Science funded project between Aldo Faisal (Imperial College London), Carlos Ribeiro (Champalimaud Institute, Lisbon) and Michael Dickinson (University of Washington, Seattle) investigating the interplay between genes, computation and behavior in value-based decision making of Drosophila melanogaster - focusing on mechanisms and algorithms of decision making during foraging.

We are seeking candidates with experience in computational neuroscience/neuroeconomics/foraging theory or psychophysics/animal behavior experiments and related disciplines such as theoretical physics and data-rich mathematical modeling. Strong analytical skills (Matlab) are essential. The post will be based in London and last up to 36 months. Applicants should have (or soon to be awarded) a Ph.D. in a discipline relevant to the project and publications in high-quality journals. Informal enquiries may be addressed to Dr A Aldo Faisal, Please note that applications sent directly to this email address will not be accepted. For more information about our laboratory & research group, please see
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Year 2012/2013
BE Dept. of Bioengineering
DoC Dept. of Computing

Bernardo Caldas; DoC MRes Project 1
Bernardo Caldas; DoC MRes Project 2
David Haber; DoC MEng thesis
Rudy Benfredj; DoC BEng thesis
Cristobal Lowery; DoC MSc thesis
Tahira Abdall-Razak; DoC MSc thesis
Bernardo Caldas; DoC MSc thesis
Cristobal Lowery; DoC ISO
Cecile Abdo; BE MSc thesis
Marcel Admiraal; BE MSc thesis
Marc-Joseph Antonini; BE MSc thesis
Lucas Bonin; BE MSc thesis
Dieter B
üchler; BE MSc thesis
Spiros Chavlis; BE MSc thesis
Salvatore Fara; BE MSc thesis
Sonja Fenske; BE MSc thesis
Ira-Sofia Ktena; BE MSc thesis
Pedro Rente Lourenco; BE MSc thesis
Georgios Rizos; BE MSc thesis
Marisol Rodriguez Ugarte; BE MSc thesis
Martin Seitz; BE MSc thesis
FrantisekVasa; BE MSc thesis
Chandra Sen Vikram; BE MSc thesis

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Year 2011/2012
BE Dept. of Bioengineering
DoC Dept. of Computing

Alexia Perrineau; BE MEng thesis
Rajat Jain; BE MEng thesis
Keshava Murthy; BE MEng thesis
Constantinos Gavriel; DoC MEng thesis
Gabriela Tavares; DoC MSc thesis
Marie Tolkiehn; BE MSc thesis
Ingrid Vella; BE MSc thesis
Nuna Vaz; BE MSc thesis
Pierre Bedoucha; BE MSc thesis
Ücker; DoC MRes Project 1
Allan Zucconi; DoC MRes Project 1
Ücker; DoC MRes Project 2
Allan Zucconi; DoC MRes Project 2
Ücker; DoC Msc thesis project
Allan Zucconi; DoC MRes thesis project
Jory Kahan (UROP, Wesleyan University, Middletown (CT), USA)
Katrin Reichel (UROP, Universit
ät Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany)

Year 2010/2011

Catherine Agathos; BG MEng thesis (jointly with Etienne Burdet)
Ian Beer; DoC MEng thesis
Feryal Behbahani; DoC MSc Adv Computing thesis
Aaron Berk; DoC MEng thesis
Constantinos Gavriel;  DoC 3rd year project
Nikhil Howaii; BG MEng thesis (jointly with Guy-Bart Stan)
Holly Phillips; BG MEng thesis (jointly with Guy-Bart Stan)
George Poulaides;    DoC 3rd year project
Liu Zhe;  DoC MRes project 2
Ulrich Schaechtle; DoC MEng thesis
Peter Swart; BG MSc (Neurotech) thesis
Andrea Themistou;    DoC 3rd year project
Andreas Thomik; BG MSc (Neurotech) thesis
Alexandre Vicente; DoC MSc Adv Computing thesis
Hugo Wride;    DoC 3rd year project
Liu Zhe;  DoC MRes thesis project

Team Red (DoC MSc project with support by Orange/France Telekom Research Division )
Elena Williams,
Adrian Hadad,
Alexander Holehouse,
Darrell Grissen,
James Valner,
Jing Sun

Team Yellow (DoC MSc project with support Orange/France Telekom Research Division )
Orestis Tsinalis
Gregory Loyse
Konrad Karner
Maximillian Allan
Paul Riordan
Sean McManus

Fabian Peters (UROP, University of Colonge, Cologne, Germany)

Year 2009/2010

Teresa Montez; Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (jointly with Carlos Ribeiro, Champalimaud Institute)
William Abbott; BG MEng thesis
Ian Beer; DoC 3rd year project
Aaron Berk; DoC 3rd year project
Gillian Deakin; BG 3rd year project (jointly with Reiko Tanaka)
Peter Gyring; MSc Neurotech thesis
Tomaso Muzzu; MSc Neurotech thesis (jointly with Simon Schultz)
Oliver Rogers; DoC 3rd year project
Riham Satti; BG 3rd year project (jointly with Reiko Tanaka)
Timothy Treglown; DoC 3rd year project

Jovana Belic (UROP, IASTED; University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia)