In file scene_dsm.h:

class Scene_DSM : public Scene

Bounding Class: provides the public interface for DSM and looks after the individual submap classes


Inherited from Scene:


General access functions

virtual Motion_Model* get_motion_model()
Get pointer to motion model
virtual Internal_Measurement_Model* get_internal_measurement_model()
Get pointer to internal measurement model
virtual Hor_Matrix* get_xv()
Get pointer to robot state
virtual Hor_Matrix* get_Pxx()
Get pointer to robot covariance
virtual int get_no_selected()
Number of selected features
virtual int get_no_features()
Total number of features
virtual int get_total_state_size()
Total size of state vector
virtual int get_successful_measurement_vector_size()
virtual void set_successful_measurement_vector_size(int smvs)
virtual Feature* get_first_feature_ptr()
virtual Feature* get_first_selected_ptr()
virtual int get_marked_feature_label()
virtual Hor_Matrix* get_hv()
virtual Hor_Matrix* get_zv()
virtual Hor_Matrix* get_Sv()


virtual int vehicle_state_has_been_changed()
Call this when the vehicle state is changed to potentially fire submap changes, etc

Accessing blocks of the covariance matrix

virtual int get_Pyjyk(int j, int k, Hor_Matrix *Pyjyk)
virtual Hor_Matrix* get_Pyjyk_ptr(int j, int k)

Adding / deleting features

virtual int add_new_feature(Identifier id, Hor_Matrix *y, Feature_Measurement_Model *f_m_m)
virtual int add_new_known_feature(Identifier id, Hor_Matrix *y_known, Hor_Matrix *xp_o, Feature_Measurement_Model *f_m_m, int known_feature_label)
virtual int delete_feature()
virtual int exterminate_features()

Finding features from the list

virtual Feature* find_feature(Identifier id)
virtual Feature* find_feature_lab(int lab)

Selecting / deselecting features

virtual int select_feature(Feature *fp)
virtual int deselect_feature(Feature *fp)
virtual int toggle_feature(Identifier id)
virtual int toggle_feature_lab(int lab)

Auto-select feature

virtual int auto_select_feature()

Output info on current features

virtual int print_current_features()
virtual int print_selected_features()
virtual int print_covariances()
virtual int print_robot_state()
virtual int print_marked_feature_state()
virtual int print_whole_state()
virtual int output_state_to_file(int counter, char *filename)
virtual int output_state_to_file(int counter)
virtual int output_state_to_file()

Manipulating total state and covariance

virtual int construct_total_state_and_covariance(Hor_Matrix *V, Hor_Matrix *P)
virtual int fill_state_and_covariance(Hor_Matrix *V, Hor_Matrix *P)
virtual int construct_total_state(Hor_Matrix *V)
virtual int construct_total_covariance(Hor_Matrix *M)
virtual int fill_states(Hor_Matrix *V)
virtual int fill_covariances(Hor_Matrix *M)

Bookkeeping when measurements are made

virtual int starting_measurements()
virtual int failed_measurement_of_feature(Feature *fp)
virtual int successful_measurement_of_feature(Feature *fp)

Form matrices for measurement update

virtual int construct_total_measurement_stuff(Hor_Matrix *nu_tot, Hor_Matrix *dh_by_dx_tot, Hor_Matrix *R)
virtual int predict_single_feature_measurements(Feature *fp)
virtual int predict_single_feature_measurements(Feature_Measurement_Model *model, Hor_Matrix *y, Hor_Matrix *xp, Hor_Matrix *h, Hor_Matrix *dh_by_dy, Hor_Matrix *dh_by_dxv, Hor_Matrix *R)
This one is probably redundant

Test a feature for measurability

virtual int test_for_visibility(Feature *fp)

Mark feature

virtual int mark_feature_by_lab(int lab)
Mark by integer label
virtual int mark_first_feature()
Mark first feature in list

Internal Measurements

virtual int successful_internal_measurement()
Report a successful measurement
virtual int failed_internal_measurement()
Repost a failed measurement
virtual int get_successful_internal_measurement_flag()
Test success
virtual int predict_internal_measurement()
virtual int construct_total_internal_measurement_stuff(Hor_Matrix *nu_tot, Hor_Matrix *dh_by_dx_tot, Hor_Matrix *R_tot)
Get ready for an internal measurement

Zero axes

virtual int zero_axes()

Normalise the state

virtual int normalise_state()


Bounding Class: provides the public interface for DSM and looks after the individual submap classes

This class has no child classes.

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