Alessio R. Lomuscio

Prof. Alessio R. Lomuscio

Professor in Logic for Multi-Agent Systems

EPSRC Leadership Fellow

Verification of Autonomous Systems Group

Research Interests:

My research concerns the logic-based specification and verification of autonomous systems.
In particular I am actively involved in the following areas:
  • Symbolic verification of multi-agent systems via model-checking, including abstraction techniques, parametric verification, BDD and SAT-based techniques.
  • Application of verification methodologies to web-services (including infinite-state artifact-centric systems), autonomous vehicles and security protocols.
  • Development and study of modal formalisms (including temporal, epistemic, doxastic, deontic logics and ATL) for the principled specification of multi-agent systems.
I am passionate about research as well as its application to concrete problems. I have co-authored over 120 research papers in leading conferences and journals on the topics above.