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Grouped PEPA Analyser

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Grouped PEPA Analyser (GPA) is a tool that generates and numerically solves systems of differential equations approximating (higher order) moments of stochastic processes described in a variant of the PEPA stochastic process algebra. It implements the mehtod presented in this paper by Richard Hayden and Jeremy Bradley.

Additionally, GPA provides simulation of the models, allowing investigations into the nature of the approximation.

For a full list of features see the brief documentation.


  1. Ensure you have Java (version 1.6 or higher) installed. GPA requires both the run-time environment and the JDK (both can be downloaded from the official Sun website).
  2. Download GPA 0.9 (JAR archive, 4.9 megabytes).
  3. Run GPA java -jar gpa-0.9.jar filename from the terminal.


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