Anton Stefanek


JSPIM is an interpreter of a language based on the stochastic pi-calculus. The formalism can be used to model biological processes and allows expression of simple spatial features (static compartments of fixed volume). JSPIM can execute simulations of a model (the arising continuous time Markov chains) and also derive and numerically solve a system of ordinary differential equations that deterministically approximates the model.

JSPIM was implemented by Anton Stefanek at Imperial College under the supervision of Dr. Maria Vigliotti.


  1. Ensure you have Java (version 1.5 or higher) installed
  2. Download JSPIM 1.0 (JAR archive, 3.9 megabytes)
  3. Run JSPIM (double-clicking will work on some systems, otherwise run java -jar jspim-1.0.jar from the terminal)



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