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Parkway-2.0 MPI Library

Parkway-2.0 is an MPI library of parallel hypergraph partitioning routines that I have developed during my PhD research. Parkway is written in C++ for a Linux platform, using the MPI library routines for interprocess communication. Parkway-2.0 has been tested using gcc, versions 3.2.2-2.96 and MPICH, versions 1.2.4-1.2.5, on Mandrake Linux 9.1 and Red Hat Linux 7.2. More information on MPICH can be found here.

Parkway-2.0 utilises a multilevel partitioning framework, in parallel. It computes the partition of the coarsest hypergraph within the multilevel framework serially. To that end, a generic recursive bisection method is provided, as well as interfaces to the hMeTiS and PaToH libraries. It also provides an interface to the SPRNG library for parallel pseudorandom number generation. The algorithms used in Parkway-2.0 are discussed in more detail here. If you use Parkway-2.0 in your research, please acknowledge it with the following reference:


A beta version of Parkway-2.0 is available for download. This software is copyrighted by Aleksandar Trifunovic. It can be obtained free of charge and as such, comes with no guarantee. See the file README within the distribution. An optimised version of the software (version 2.11) can also be downloaded.


Once you have downloaded the file parkway-2.*-linux.tar.gz, type tar -zxvf parkway-2.*-linux.tar.gz at the linux shell, to inflate the tarball. This will create a directory Parkway-2.* with all the appropriate files. To build the library, type make in the Parkway-2.* directory. You may have to modify a number of variables in the makefile(s). More detailed instructions on building the library can be found in the file INSTALL . Detailed instructions on using the library can be found in the manual. Here are copies of the manual in [ps] and [pdf] format. If you have any questions or queries regarding the above, do not hesitate to email me.

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