Alexander Lamaison CV



The permissive nature of the C and C++ programming languages, which make no to attempt to prevent catastrophic programming errors, is both the source of their power and popularity but also the cause of many serious software flaws.

Mudflap Improved with Referent Objects implements runtime checking of pointer operations for C and C++ programs in GCC 4 in an attempt to catch many of the most common programming errors before they can become serious problems. MIRO has the following main features:

The project report describes the project in detail. MIRO can be downloaded (47MB) as part of a complete GCC package including instructions on how to use it.

PIMP GUI for constructing filter pipelines


The Pipeline Image and Movie Processor allows sequences of transformations to be applied to images and videos in easy-to-use way, employing point-and-click linking of input, output and filters.

It makes use of the TaskGraph library to compile the chosen sequence of filters at runtime allowing optimisations that would not be available otherwise.

Medical Computing

We made a study of the field of Medical Computing in 2004 and designed a website to present this information. The topics covered include Medical Imaging, VR, Augmented Reality, Expert Systems and Telemedicine.