Some of my papers on Program Analysis

Deriving algorithmsfrom type inference systems: Application to strictness analysis, POPL'94, ACM Press (with D. Le Metayer)..

Lazy type inference for the strictness analysis of lists, ESOP'94, LNCS 788 (with D. Le Metayer)..

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A new approach to Control Flow Analysis, CC'98, LNCS 1383 (with P. Malacaria)..

Generalised Flowcharts and Games, ICALP'98, LNCS 1443 (with P. Malacaria)..

Program Analysis Tools, Software Tools for Technology Transfer, 2(1), 1998..

Non-deterministic Games and Program Analysis: An application to security, LICS'99, IEEE Press (with P. Malacaria).

Safety of Strictness Analysis via Term Graph Rewriting, SAS'00, LNCS ???, 2000 (with D. Clark and S. Hunt).

Possibilistic Information Flow is safe for Probabilistic Non-interference, WITS'00, July 2000 (with D Clark, S Hunt and R Nagarajan).

Principles of Program Analysis, Springer Verlag, 1999 (with F. Nielson and H. R. Nielson)