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About me

Research interests: machine learning, (probabilistic) inductive logic programming and applications in bioinformatics, natural language processing and software engineering.


DegreeInstitutionStarted (year)Finished (year)
PhDImperial College London2012in progress (2015)
MScImperial College London20102011
BSc"Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University, Iaşi20072010

During my PhD, I will develop novel methods for probabilistic logical learning, exploring probabilistic extensions of established inductive logic programming (ILP) paradigms, abductive frameworks and answer-set programming (ASP) systems. I am searching for suitable applications in domains such as bioinformatics, natural language processing and software engineering. I am co-supervised by Alessandra Russo and Krysia Broda.

My MSc project aimed to develop a parameter learning framework in probabilistic logic programming (PLP) that could be used in a probabilistic model-checking scenario. The goal was to learn the parameters (i.e. probabilities) of a probabilistic model (e.g. a discrete-time Markov chain - DTMC) such that a set of probabilistic requirements (expressed in probabilistic computation tree logic - PCTL) are satisfied. It was considered a distinguished project. I was supervised by Alessandra Russo.

During my MSc, I completed an Individual Study Option (ISO) project on "Artificial Neural Networks for First-Order Logic Learning". I was supervised by Krysia Broda.

The topic of my BSc project was "Kernel Methods. Applications on Cancer and miRNA datasets". I was supervised by Liviu Ciortuz.


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