I am currently a Junior Research Fellow in Distributed Software Engineering at Imperial College London. I am also a visiting researcher at the Security and Crime Science Department at UCL. From 2010 to 2013, I was a Research Associate on a European Research Council project called ``Partial Behaviour Modelling: A Foundation for Incremental and Iterative Model-Based Software Engineering'' at the Department of Computing, Imperial College London. I received my Ph.D. in 2010 from Imperial College London.

My main research is in formal methods for software requirements engineering and specification synthesis. My focus has been on developing declarative, tool-supported approaches for automatically refining and revising requirement specifications that are guaranteed to be correct-by-contruction. Application domains of interest include forensic-ready systems and human-intensive systems.


- Full research paper accepted at TACAS 17: "Interpolation-Based GR(1) Assumptions Refinement".
- Please consider submitting to ICSE 17, SEAMS 17, SEFM 17, .
- Full research paper accepted at ASE 16: "Goal-Conflict Detection Based on Temporal Satisfiability
- Technical briefing accepted at ICSE 16, Logic-based Learning in SE.
- Workshop proposal accepted at RE 16, iRENIC: Requirements Engineering for Investigating
   and Countering Crime
- Technical paper accepted at ICSE 16, Risk-Driven Revision of Requirements Models.
- Invited speaker at 2016 British Academy Conference Using Behavioural Science to
  Target Prolific Criminals

Recent Professional Activities

- PC member, ICSE 2017, SEAMS 2017.
- Finance Chair, ILP 2016.
- PC member, SEFM 2016, ICSE-Poster 2016, KR 2016, ILP 2016.
- Deputy Editor-in-Chief, IET Software Journal.
- Review editor, Frontiers in Computational Intelligence, Robotics and AI.
- PC member, LNMR 2015, FACS 2015, SEFM 2015.
- PC member, SEFM 2014, RE 2014.
- Post-Doctoral Officer for BCS Requirements Engineering Specialist Group (2010-present).

Memberships & Affiliations

- Institute of Security Science and Technology (ISST) at Imperial College
- American Society of Criminology
- Association for Logic Programming
- British Computing Society Requirements Engineering Specialist Group
- Applied Logic Group