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I'm Duncan White, an experienced and professional programmer, and have been programming for well over 20 years, mainly in C and Perl, although I know many other languages. In that time, despite my best intentions:-), I just can't help learning a thing or two about the practical matters of designing, programming, testing, debugging, running projects etc. Back in 2007, I thought I'd start writing an occasional series of articles, book reviews, more general thoughts etc, all focussing on software development without all the guff.

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Perlstub Part 3: Another Perlstub extension

We could continue adding more facilities to perlstub - in particular, it would be nice to support Function::Parameters default parameters syntax, which involves 'parameter = defaultvalue' strings of the form:
    fun wibble( $x, $y = 1, @z = () )
As long as the default values don't themselves contain commas, this should be straightforward. But I've left this as an exercise for the interested reader, because we have to stop somewhere.


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Written: Jan 2013