C Programming Tools Third Lecture: 8th June 2017: Noon, LT308


I have just given the third lecture of my 4 first year lectures on C Programming Tools, building a toolbox of useful tools, and the craft skills to use them effectively, in order to make C programming easier.

The third lecture covers the following topics:

  • Building your own tools - aka, what to do if the tool you want doesn't exist: consider building it yourself, to save time over the long term. Core principle: Spot patterns, bore easily, automate, save time!
  • Build tools at a range of scales:
  • Tiny: Build shortlived tools (eg Perl one liners or awk/sed/grep pipelines, or their C equivalents), short throwaway programs that you write in minutes, use for minutes and then discard. Examples: generating repetitive output from simpler input forms.
  • Medium: Generating C prototypes automatically: a tool called proto that I wrote a long time ago to solve a problem that irritated me.
  • Medium: Build/find a collection of ADT modules (hashes, sets, lists, trees etc), well tested, general purpose, that you know well.
  • Large: Why not generate ADT modules automatically from Haskell style "inductive data declarations": my tool called datadec.

Here are the lecture materials, covering the lecture and associated examples (of which there are many):

Updated: 8th June 2017 
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