This is my classic homepage from about 2001 till mid 2008, much beloved by all for its rustic charm and dead links.

Go here for work-related stuff, or here for photos, or if you are broken why not try Alexander Technique.

This page is my pathetic attempt to get listed after I noticed that Liam comes out top if you google for his name. Being as David Barrie Thomas is not currently found I figure I've got a good chance of getting top as well. Which begs the question: should I publish papers under DBT if I'm the only one? One of these days I'm bound to produce something.

Err, other stuff that's here... um, you can look at my lame drawings, or listen to a short clip of wowy from last time I saw them, or see my crappy database of gigs I've been to, or look at some photos. If you're inside doc then you might find stuff in here. Ah, past triumphs: Beer challenge 2007