The SIGPLAN Programming Languages Mentoring Workshop

Co-located in Rome with POPL 2013

Publicity/webmaster: Gareth Smith
Session 1 Chair: Philippa Gardner (Imperial, UK)
9:00-9:30Peter O'Hearn (UCL, UK)
Title: Program Logic and Analysis
9:30-10:00Davide Sangiorgi (Bologne, Italy)
Title: Processes and Coinduction
Session 2Chair: Alan Schmitt (INRIA, France)
10:30-11:00Xavier Leroy (INRIA, France)
Title: Programming languages and software verification (or: Theorem provers are a P.L. researcher's best friends)
11:00-11:30Jean-Christophe Filliatre (CNRS, France)
Title: Deductive Programme Verification
11:30-12:00Matt Might (Utah, US)
Title: What is a PhD? What is research? How do you succeed as a scientist?
Session 3Chair: Peter Thiemann (Freiburg, Germany)
13:45-14:15Jan Vitek (Purdue, US)
Title: Planet Dynamic or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Reflection
14:15-14:45Robert Harper (CMU, US) (blog)
Title: Computational Trinitarianism
15:00-15:30Amal Ahmed (Northeastern, US)
Title: Logical Relations
15:30-16:00Phil Wadler (Edinburgh, UK)
Title: How to write a paper You and Your Research & The Elements of Style (blog with references)
Session 4Chair: Nate Foster (Cornell, US)
16:30-17:00Peter Sewell (Cambridge, UK)
Title: From the Jungle to POPL: Maths vs Systems
17:00-17:30Paul McKenney (IBM, US)
Title: Accommodating the Laws of Physics: RCU
17:30-18:00Panel of young researchers: Aaron Turon (postdoc, MPI, Germany), Delphine Demange (postdoc, Penn, US), Alexey Gotsman (IMDEA, Spain), Kim Nguyễn (recent academic, Paris, France)
18:00 onwardsDrinks reception and one minute madness