Research Projects - Abhijeet Ghosh




Surface Reflectometry



  Mobile surface reflectometry                                Continuous SH illumination               Circularly polarized spherical illumination                 

 Computer Graphics Forum 2015                       SIGGRAPH 2013                            SIGGRAPH Asia 2010




   Second order statistics                       Basis illumination BRDF acquisition

    EGSR 2009                                        ICCV 2007 (Marr Prize Hon. Mention)



Facial Acquisition and Reflectance



Skin micro-geometry deformation             Diffusion from spherical gradients                        Facial micro-geometry                                             

SIGGRAPH 2015                                          IEEE CG&A 2013                                                  Eurographics 2013     




 Multiview face capture                                       Layered facial reflectance

 SIGGRAPH Asia 2011                                       SIGGRAPH Asia 2008



Computational Photography/Illumination



Polarized light-field imaging                                                Diffuse-specular separation with EM illumination                                     

EGSR 2016                                                                           ICCP 2009                                                       




Image-based Rendering/Lighting



Rerendering landscape photographs                SH and point lights for relighting

CVMP 2014                                                          CVMP 2011                                                                                      




Direct Illumination and Monte Carlo Sampling




 Bidirectional importance            Correlated visibility                    Sequential sampling

 EGSR 2005                               Pacific Graphics 2006                EGSR 2006



Active Illumination & HDR Display




 Active room lighting with display                     HDR Display

 EGSR 2005                                                    SIGGRAPH 2004