CritSuite got there before Third Voice!

As Ka-Ping Yee explains in further detail elsewhere, the people at CritSuite developed software for annotating the web with public third-party comments about two years before Third Voice re-invented the idea under their name of "inline notes".

Furthermore, CritSuite works straight away with existing browsers. You don't have to download software, or register, or install plug-ins, or blah blah blah - you just add the prefix "" to the URL of the web page you want to view and/or annotate. Try it now! For example here's Third Voice viewed via CritSuite.

While Third Voice can of course be welcomed as a fresh new member of the "web annotation community", they should take care to acknowledge the work of those who came before them!

This corner of the web maintained by [photo courtesy of the multimedia lab machines] Iain Stewart <>, Department of Computing, Imperial College, London, UK

Annotate the web - add your own comments to this web page or any other for all to see! (Only supported by some browsers, sometimes via an extension or the like.)

(If you're reading this from within IC DoC you can try Crit, an earlier way to annotate the web. Crit Me Now!)