GILPS stands for General Inductive Logic Programming System.

It implements several ILP algorithms (e.g. TopLog, FuncLog, ProGolem) and is a quite versatile.


In order to run GILPS you need YAP 6.0 (it will not run in previous Yap versions). Here are Yap6 pre-compiled binaries for Windows (for Linux it's best to compile from source).

Note: there are reports of issues with GILPS and the newest YAP 6.2.x and 6.3.x, especially on Mac OS. Please use a 6.0.x Yap (preferably on Linux)

Download: GILPS source code. Several ILP datasets.


Please check GILPS manual here. Note that the definition of background knowledge, mode declaration and settings is similar to Aleph.

For general enquiries on GILPS please e-mail me:


Last updated: 13th June 2014