José Fragoso Santos

About Me

I am a post-doc researcher at the Department of Computing of Imperial College working with Prof. Philippa Gardner. Before, I was a PhD student in Computer Science at Inria Sophia Antipolis Méditerranée in the INDES team supervised by Dr. Tamara Rezk and Dr. Ana Almeida Matos. My research interests are program analysis, verification, and instrumentation, with applications to security.

Contact Information

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Conference and Workshop Papers

JaVerT: JavaScript Verification Toolchain. José Fragoso Santos, Petar Maksimovic, Daiva Naudziuniene, Thomas Wood, Philippa Gardner. POPL 2018 (to appear).

Towards Logic-Based Verification of JavaScript Programs. José Fragoso Santos, Philippa Gardner, Petar Maksimovic, and Daiva Naudziuniene. CADE 2017.

Mashic compiler: Mashup sandboxing based on inter-frame communication. Zhengqin Luo, José Fragoso Santos, Ana Almeida-Matos, Tamara Rezk. Journal of Computer Security, 2016.

DOM: Specification and Client Reasoning. Azalea Raad, José Fragoso Santos, and Philippa Gardner. APLAS 2015.

Hybrid Typing of Secure Information Flow in a JavaScript-like Language. José Fragoso Santos, Thomas Jensen, Alan Schmitt, and Tamara Rezk. TGC 2015. [SLIDES] [DEMO]

Modular Monitor Extensions for Information Flow Security in JavaScript. José Fragoso Santos, Ana Almeida Matos, and Tamara Rezk. TGC 2015. [SLIDES] [DEMO]

An Information Flow Monitor for a Core of DOM - Introducing references and live primitives. Ana Almeida Matos, José Fragoso Santos, Tamara Rezk. TGC 2014. [SLIDES]

An Information Flow Monitor-Inlining Compiler for Securing a Core of JavaScript. José Fragoso Santos, Tamara Rezk. IFIP SEC [SLIDES] [DEMO]

Typing Illegal Information Flows as Program Effects. Ana Almeida Matos, José Fragoso Santos. PLAS 2012[SLIDES]

Learning Techniques for Pseudo-Boolean Solving. José Fragoso Santos, Vasco Manquinho. IWIL 2008.

Other Talks

Typing Illegal Information Flows as Program Effects. with Ana Almeida Matos. Presented at The 19th CREST Open Workshop - Interference and Dependence, May 2012.

Extending the Mashic Compiler - Enforcing Security Policies in the Presence of Malicious Advertisements Internal presentation for the INDES team, July 2012.

A long time ago, my research was about (baby!) robots

Sensor Based Self-Calibration of the iCub's Head. José Fragoso Santos, Alexandre Bernardino, José Santos-Victor. Proceedings of the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, November 2010.

Vestibular Calibration of a Humanoid Robot's Head. José Fragoso Santos, Alexandre Bernardino. Proceedings of the 10th Conference on Mobile Robots and Competitions, March 2010.

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