Process Model & Channel communication

Process Model & Channel communication

We can denote the use of a channel ch (for sending or receiving) by the event ch. For two processes (P & Q) to communicate via a channel, the ch event must be in both alphabets:

ch aP and ch aQ


P = ( ch!e P)

Q = ( ch?v Q(v))

Where the expression Q(v) means that the behaviour of Q is potentially dependent on the value of variable v obtained from the channel. The following Laws apply:

P || Q = ( ch!e P) || ( ch?v Q(v)) = ch!e ( P || Q(e))

P || Q = (( ch!e P) || ( ch?v Q(v)))\ch = ( P || Q(e))

The notation \ch conceals the event ch from processes other than P & Q.

a(R\a) = (aR) - {a}

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