Jie Shen
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PhD student at Department of Computing, Imperial College London, studying in HCI^2 Group in Visual Information Processing

Address: Studio A, Huxley Building, Imperial College, South Kensington, London, SW7 2AZ, U.K.

E-mail: js1907@doc.ic.ac.uk

External blog: http://qscstudio.spaces.live.com/ (most articles are written in Chinese)

About Myself

I am now a first year PhD student at Department of Computing, Imperial College London. In the mean time, I am also working as a research assistant in the department. My supervisor is Dr. Maja Pantic.

Under Construction...

As a member of HCI^2 group, my research direction falls into the field of Multimodal Human Computer Interaction (MHCI). The goal of this research is to provide more natural and more human-centered HCI systems through studies in Human Behaviour Analysis, Computer Vision, Psychology and so on. In particular, I am currently working on a project aimed at developmenting software framework for integrating standalone algorithms used at different stages(including face detection, feature selection, salient points tracking and so on) into a single applicable MHCI system.

I joined the College in 2007 as an MSc student. Before that, I have been working at National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition in Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences for two years as a research assistant. During this period, I was mainly focusing on Intelliegent Video Surveillance research. In particular, I had been responsible for developing applications, toolkits and other kinds of software for both academic (algorithm prototyping) and industrial purposes.

I got my first degree (BEng) from Zhejiang University in 2005. My major during undergraduate study was Information Engineering, which is ran by Department of Electronic Engineering and Information Sciences (website is in Chinese). I had also worked at Zhejiang University Research Center for Emedded Systems (website is in Chinese) as a part-time research assistant during my third and fourth year in the University. My main duty on this post was application development for several mainstream embedded systems. 3D graphical engine, multimedia processing, communication and many other topics were involved.

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