A little about me...

My background is in robotics and sensing. I did my master's degree in Control Engineering and Robotics at the Department of Electronic Engineering, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland. In my master's thesis (Collision Avoidance System for a Car-like Robot Moving in a Dynamic Environment), carried out in cooperation with Hella KGaA, I investigated how motion planning algorithms for mobile robots can be adapted and applied for cars in order to eliminate collisions between vehicles.

During my studies I was involved in a couple of international projects related to mobile robotics (e.g. development of a robot motion control system) and spent some time abroad, i.e. at Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria, and Dresden University of Technology, Germany.

Before starting my PhD I worked for four and half years as a software engineer at Sick AG, Freiburg, Germany. There I was developing various data and signal processing algorithms for novel laser-based measurement systems, as well as methods for sensor self-calibration.