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Currently at Google Robotics

Palo Alto, CA



[15/04/2014] Our paper "A Deep Semi-NMF Model for Learning Hidden Representations" (with G. Trigeorgis, B. Schuller and S. Zafeiriou) will be presented in ICML 2014

[16/09/2013] I will be presenting the paper "Variational Hidden Conditional Random Fields with Coupled Dirichlet Process Mixtures" at ECML/PKDD 2013 in Prague on September 26, 2013

[16/08/2013] I worked as a research intern at Google in Zurich February-August, 2013

[07/08/2012] I gave a talk at the Cambridge Machine Learning Group about Infinite Hidden Conditional Random Fields in July 2012

[29/03/2012] I will be working as an intern at Google in London July-October, 2012

[02/12/2011] I will be attending NIPS 2011 in Granada, Spain December 12-19, 2011

[08/06/2011] I was among the 34 research students worldwide who were awarded the Google Ph.D. Fellowship 2011

[10/01/2011] I will be visiting Dr. Louis-Philippe Morency at the Institute for Creative Technologies, USC in Los Angeles, CA March 15-18, 2011

[15/12/2010] I will be attending the IEEE Conf. on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition 2011 in Santa Barbara, CA March 22-25, 2011

About me: 

I am currently working at Google applying Machine Learning techniques to problems within the Google Robotics group. Perviously, I was a Ph.D. student at the Department of Computing, Imperial College London, as a member of the i•BUG group, under Prof. Maja Pantic's and Dr. Stefanos Zafeiriou's supervision. I also collaborated with Prof. Zoubin Ghahramani (Cambridge), Dr. Louis-Philippe Morency (USC), and Dr. Marc Mehu (UGeneva).

My research interests include Bayesian nonparametrics, Deep Learning, Nonnegative Matrix Factorization, Graphical Models, Automatic Human Behavior Analysis, Evolutionary Computation.

While at Imperial, my research was supported in part by a Google Ph.D. Fellowship.

You can download my CV here (outdated: Jan 21, 2014) [CV]