April: Agent Process Interaction Language

Frank McCabe and Keith Clark


In this paper we introduce key features of a programming language for building DAI and other types of distributed applications requiring the transmission and manipulation of complex symbolic data. The language is high-level and yet also offers a simple and smooth interface to other programming languages such as ``C''. April is oriented to the implementation of multi-agent systems. However, April is NOT a `multi-agent applications language'. It does not directly offer high level features such as: planners, problem solvers and knowledge representation systems that a multi-agent applications language might be expected to include. April is more an object based concurrent language with objects as processes. This is a highly suitable base for extension to DAI and multi-agent application platforms.

In: Intelligent Agents, (ed Jennings & Wooldridge), LNCS, Vol 890, Springer-Verlag, 1995.

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