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On December 10, 1995, TerraQuest's maiden voyage commenced as the expedition ship Livonia set out from Ushuaia, Argentina. Over the next two weeks, online adventurers from around the world followed the guests and crew as they sailed across Drake's Passage to the continent of Antarctica. With twice-daily live chats and digital dispatches linked via Inmarsat satellite systems, TerraQuest made history by becoming the first commercial travel expedition to make live uplinks to the Internet from Antarctica.

The Virtual Antarctica expedition was a success beyond all expectations, with over 800,000 hits to the site during its active period. A tremendous amount of positive press was generated and the e-mail and chat feedback was resonant of a deep sense of community among the trip's real and virtual participants.

Relive the excitment of Virtual Antarctica through the gallery of images and dispatches,  or surf into this award-winning Website to learn more about the vast white continent at the bottom of the world.

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