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During the spring of 1996,  TerraQuest undertook an extraordinary journey through wildlife and adventure, and posted it here on the World Wide Web as it happened. You can fully explore the natural and human history of Ecuador and the Galápagos through the links below.

Or jump right in and re-experience the adventure through the Daily Dispatches, enjoy a collection of the best digital images from the field in the Photo Gallery, and immerse yourself in Galápagos panoramas in the QTVR Gallery.
Enjoy the voyage!


Use our interactive maps to explore Ecuador and the Galápagos, learn about the geology of the islands, and check out our QTVR images of the equator. Then zoom in for a close-up look at the islands on the Virtual Galápagos itinerary!


Keep up-to-date with our team in the field as they explore the volcanic isles of the equator, travel through history down the Avenue of the Volcanoes, and venture into Ecuador's rainforest realm!


Shred the line between the actual and the virtual with our Terra-Team profiles, ship's specs, rules for eco-tourism and an invitation to join us in the field for out next adventure!


Pirates and plunderers, naval captains and naturalists, conquistadores and liberators have all journeyed to the equator and explored the land of giant tortoises. Now it's your turn!


If the Galápagos are a "living laboratory of evolution," guess who's bedeviling the experiment? Introduced species, illegal marine harvesting, population pressures and political turmoil confront these islands today, and will determine their future.


From rainbow colored iguanas and blue-footed boobies to frigatebirds with red balloons, green sea turtles and vermillion flycatchers -- the Galápagos is a riot of color and contrast. And don't forget those penguins on the equator!

Traveling virtually, K-12 classrooms investigate the Galápagos Islands' ecology to understand how wildlife adapts and evolves. This online space allows students to collaborate with the travelers and share their knowledge with the world. Sponsored by IBM.


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