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Going' South Way South!

Relive the excitement of TerraQuest's first cool site, Virtual Antarctica, as a team of polar explorers goes in pursuit of the perfect penguin, with digital photography and satellite uplinks.
Winner of the first InVision "Best of the Web" Award, 1996.

Virtual Antarctica

Virtual Galapagos Head for Virtual Galápagos!

Join a shipload of wired adventurers on their sail through this living laboratory of evolution. With dispatches from the field and a gallery of digital images and QTVR panoramas, Virtual Galápagos showcases the award-winning TerraQuest experience!

Climbing into History!

Join TerraQuest for an exciting event in Yosemite National Park — climbing three thousand feet of solid rock, straight up the face of El Capitan! We were "on the wall" for HighSights '96 as noted adventurer Erik Weihenmayer made his inspirational ascent. Presented in association with the American Foundation for the Blind.

HighSights '96




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