Luo Mai

Email: luo.mai[AT]

About Me
I am a research associate at Imperial College London working with Peter Pietzuch. I received my PhD degree at Imperial College London in 2018 under the supervision of Paolo Costa. I am the recipient of a prestigious Google Fellowship.

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    I will start as an Assistant Professor (Lecturer) at the School of Informatics of the University of Edinburgh in Fall 2020. I am looking for PhD and MSc by Research students to design future distributed machine learning and data systems with me. Please drop me an email with your CV if you are interested! :)

My Research
  • Future Distributed Machine Learning Systems, 2018 - Current
    Distributed machine Learning (ML) systems are constantly challenged by new models, such as large NLP models, Graph Neural Networks (GNNs), Reinforcement Learning (RL) and Federated Learning (FL). Their designs also need to evolve with emerging hardware platforms, such as mobile robots and trusted enclaves. In this project, we explore for new distributed ML systems [VLDB 2019, HotCloud 2020] that can effectively support new models and exploit new hardware platforms.

  • Self-driving Real-time Data Analytics Systems, 2017 - Current
    Big data companies, such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook, need to process data ingested from global cloud servers and edge devices. The data ingestion workload is highly dynamic and contains massive unstructured/semi-structured data. In this project, I am designing distributed real-time analytic systems [VLDB 2018] that can automatically adapt their configurations using ML techniques.

  • Future Data Centre Networks for Big Data Computation, 2012 - 2017
    Big data applications, such as distributed machine learning and data analytics, often suffer from scaling bottlenecks in cloud data centres. In this project, we pioneered the idea of exploiting application-specific in-network computing for scaling Big data applications. To fully achieve the promise of this idea, we designed new network architectures [CoNEXT 2014, HotCloud 2015, HotCloud 2016] and network programming techniques [USENIX ATC 2017, USENIX ATC 2016].


I am leading the development of the following open-source software:

I am fortunate to supervise/co-supervise the following talented students:
  • Andrei-Octavian Brabete, MEng, Imperial College London, 2019. (Next destination: G-Research)
  • Ioan Budea, MEng, Imperial College London, 2019. (Next destination: Facebook)


For a full list of my papers, please check my Google scholar page.

  • Visiting Researcher, Azure Big Data Group, Microsoft, USA, 2017 - 2018
  • Research Intern, Azure Big Data Group, Microsoft, USA, 2016
  • Research Intern, Microsoft Research Redmond, USA, 2015
  • Research Fellow, Microsoft Research Asia, China, 2014
  • MRes in Advanced Computing (Distinction Honour), Imperial College London, UK, 2011 - 2012
  • BSc in Computer Science (China National Scholarship Honour), Xidian University, China, 2007 - 2011.

  • Alibaba Innovative Research Award, 2020
  • Microsoft Azure Research Award, 2018
  • Best Open-source Software Award, ACM Multimedia Conference, 2017
  • Google Fellowship in Cloud Computing, 2012 - 2016
  • Best Paper Finalist, ACM CoNEXT Conference, 2014
  • Best Paper Finalist, IEEE MASS Conference, 2011